Heavy-Duty Vinyl Banner 18oz-2

Vinyl banners are a fantastic choice for when you need to promote an event. They perform very well either outdoors or indoors, which is very hassle-free. The material is very strong and will not be ruined by wind or weather. Vinyl is a very cost-effective material and can be affordable where various other types of signage might stretch your budget.


Vinyl has the outstanding property of being nearly indestructible in most climate conditions. It is not only waterproof and therefore immune to rain, hail and snowfall, but it is also guarded against damage through ultraviolet rays. Ultra violet protection avoids the issues many other materials have got with fading or decaying in prolonged sunlight.  All over, vinyl banners are a great choice for almost every circumstance in terms of durability.


The vinyl banner material is extremely easy to move around, since it is very flexible and also relatively lightweight. It is easy to fold or perhaps roll up and fit  into a car as opposed to rigid signage that may need larger trucks for transportation and installation.


Their utility is restricted only by your imagination. No matter what sort of convention or show you are organizing, we can design a banner just for you.  Full color printed banners are an excellent choice and very cost-effective.

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