The first element you see when you come up to a store it is sign. It is no surprise then that more and more businesses are trying to differentiate themselves with attractive and unique signs. In the United States, the electric commercial sign industry has now flourished to more than 2 billion dollars. Channel letter signs are leading the charge.

One item that has gained in acclaim in the last few years is channel letter signs. Channel letters are built to stand out from a structure and are lit with neon or LEDs lights. Channel letters are able to withstand high winds and various weather conditions while being lightweight and versatile as they are made of aluminum. The latest trend has been to add the lights at the back of the channel letters providing them a nice soft glow.

Channel letters are normally built with aluminum sides and backs and include faces that are colored acrylic. Face lighting means letters that are lit from the interior using either neon or LEDs lights. Made of aluminum with the backs built out of clear polycarbonate, halo lit channel letters are considered the opposite of face lit letters in the electric sign industry.

There are two mounting options for channel letters, the raceway or the direct mount. In the raceway fashion, the letters are mounted to an aluminum box called a raceway which is then mounted to the wall of the structure. The power supplies and all the wiring are placed in the raceway box. When the channel letters are affixed directly to the structure, it is named the direct mount. To attach the wiring to the inside power supply, holes must be drilled into the wall. While direct mounting may give the sign a sharper look, raceway mounting is easier to install and maintain.

Until recently, neon was the only option for lighting letters. LEDs lights can be utilized nowadays to light channel letters. In an attempt to be more environmentally friendly, many companies are opting to have their signage illuminated using LEDs lights. A string of LEDs lights is placed at the back of the channel letters and it can be set up to offer for spectacular lighting effects. LEDs lights are very efficient and incredibly bright which will enable your storefront sign to stand out from the crowd. Channel letters can be lit using a variety of colors. Red is the most fashionable and the least costly option at the moment in the case of LEDS lights. The color white is the next most popular option.

Signs built using channel letters may be a bit more pricey than the more traditional options, but they will provide your business with 24 hours a day client awareness. They will be noticeable from a greater distance than traditional sign options and will attract passerby throughout the day. increased sales and higher brand recognition may be the outcome from using these signs. In the end, this is the ultimate goal of every company: to get more clients through their doors.