Anyone doing marketing or promotion knows the importance of advertisements. Among various advertising methods, using LED signage can be very efficient and cost effective for small to medium size companies. No matter if it’s for indoor or outdoor use, there is a practical solution for every small business. Here are reasons why:

1. LED signage is a great way to customize your advertising message. There are full color LED signs, tricolor LED signs, and scrolling LED signs. Users can design different shapes, sizes and dimensions based on their needs and budgets.

2. Different kinds of LED signage can be used in almost any location. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, you can find a suitable LED product. The indoor signage tends to be quieter and have higher resolution and the outdoor versions are normally brighter and weatherproof.

3. LED’s can be quite cost effective. Compared with neon signs they have a greater initial investment, but in the long run they are better for your budget. They require minimum maintenance and consume much less energy than their counterparts. Additionally, neon does not offer the flexibility of LED.

4. Since LED signs consume less energy they are more environmentally friendly. While neon signs leak argon and mercury, LED signs to do not leak anything And LEDs radiate a “cold light”, meaning they generate very little heat compared with other lighting technologies. This also means less wasted energy.

5. LED signage is thinner, lighter, and easier to install than other lighted signs. They are easier to ship, transport, and deliver. In addition they are easier to install and much more versatile since they do not take up much space.

6. LED signs are brighter than other illuminated sign options. When in direct sunlight LED signs are still visible, and they have a higher distance range of viewing. Besides, LEDs for sign illumination are rated for continual use for up to 100,000 hours.

7. LEDs provide eye-catching and bright moving messages which command attention and communicate instantly, conveying your information quickly. All you want is to catch people’s eyes and LED signage is designed to do so.

8. It is very easy to change the message content of your LED signage. Simply a couple steps can do the trick, which saves your time and effort.

Based on these 8 reasons, the LED signage is by far considered the most cost-effective form of advertisement available.

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